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  • 1 Automatic Twitter Monitor
  • 1 Automatic Instagram Monitor
  • 10K Total Word Quota


$1,045/year – One Month Free

  • 5 Automatic Twitter Monitors
  • 5 Automatic Instagram Monitors
  • 250K Total Word Quota


$9,900/year – One Month Free

  • 10 Automatic Twitter Monitors
  • 10 Automatic Instagram Monitors
  • 3 million Total Word Quota

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Emotions Changing

Understand the big trends in customer emotions toward your brand.

What's Most Important

At a glance, see the big topics within customer discussions and reviews.

Ranges of Emotions

Quickly identify where emotions are most positive or negative to take action.

Xmata seeks to help marketing, sales and operations better understand their customers by providing a highly scalable and consistent emotional monitoring service.

Because Xmata automated the entire process, you won't need a single developer or engineer, ever.
We're putting you back in control of your business.